Sunday, 8 November 2015

What To Wear To a Shoot- 8 Simple Tips

A question I get asked often by clients is, "What should I wear to my shoot?"

We all know the pressure- you've saved up for that special photoshoot you've been wanting to have with your family, friends, partner or little ones. You've done your research and have found your photographer. You've picked a date and a venue, and the last thing you need to do is decide what to wear. Sounds simple enough? This is a very important aspect to a shoot to most photographers, because we can see which colours go together and which types of clothes suit the location you've chosen. I've compiled a simple guide through my experience to help with this decision.

1) Be comfortable
Wear clothes you would normally wear. If you don't like wearing dresses, then don't wear a dress for your shoot. If you're uncomfortable in those new heels you bought for the shoot, it will show through in your images, guaranteed.

2) Consider the location
Think about the location of your shoot. If you're going for a natural feel in a big open field, don't wear a formal ballgown. Think carefully about what looks natural in your chosen environment.

3) Say 'no' to the blue-jeans-and-white-t-shirt craze
It seems to be a common idea to have an entire group of people wearing blue jeans and white T - shirts for a shoot. The matching outfits can draw attention to themselves, is overdone and unoriginal. You want people to notice you and the moment in your photos, not the outfits.

4) Don't wear identical outfits
This follows on from the previous point. Matching, identical outfits draw attention. Every person has a unique body shape with clothes that suit them. Often that outfit will suit one person, and the not the rest. Avoid wearing identical outfits.

5) Enquire about an outfit change
Ask your photographer about an outfit change. Chances are, he or she will tell you that it's fine, but you won't get extra time for this. Think carefully about taking three outfit changes with you to a shoot. If you've booked an hour, you want to get as many shots as you can in- don't waste time changing outfits. A nice alternative is bringing easy-to-change parts to your outfit: a flower crown, a jersey, an easy dress or shirt.

6) Look at a colour palette 
I cannot emphasise this enough! A colour palette is a collection of colours that look good together. They can be inspired by nature- something I love to do. For example, a succulent plant could offer a beautiful range of colours for your outfits. One plant can have pale greens, greys, pinks and purples.
7) Plan together
Everyone needs to get together and pick a colour palette they all enjoy. Once this is done, outfit planning can begin. Ask around who has items in the colours involved. Try not to have too many items in the same colour. Don't buy clothes for a shoot right away- use what you've got or borrow from friends. 

8) Look like you! 
It's very important to stay who you are for a shoot. Don't try to look like somebody else. Feel good, and your personality will come through in the shots. 

I have created a colour palette guide I show to clients before a shoot to help them plan their outfits. Feel free to download it and use!